Crystal M Williams

Disability Advocate, Mental Health Advocate, Blogger, Kabuki Syndrome, Animal lover & Loves Travel

Hello I’m Crystal Williams! Thank you for taking the time to check out my website. I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself & why I decided to become a blogger. First off  I’m a person with a disability. I have a rare Syndrome called Kabuki Syndrome. It’s not as popular as autism or down syndrome. Most times when someone comes up to me & they don’t know me or do know but don’t know that I do have a disability it’s because you can not tell that I have one, part of my syndrome is that I have a hearing loss. I used to have a hole in my lip when I was born & that was called a cleft lip I no longer have that thanks to all of the surgeries that I had as a child. I also used to have very poor balance but thanks to therapeutic horseback riding I can now walk normally. I still do horseback riding today & I’m happy to say that I no longer need therapeutic lessons. Being a person with a disability doesn’t stop me from doing the stuff that I love, it just means that I have to work just that much harder than anyone else.

Now why did I want to become a blogger. I’ve always loved to write. Writing has always been a huge passion of mine. It has always been my way of expressing my feelings & it’s also been an escape for me. Now I want to be able to share my story with others & hopefully educate others. Being a disability advocate not only for myself but also for others who are not able to share their own voice is very important to me because I want to be able to educate others to understand & not be afraid to ask questions & want to get to know us better. I’m also a big advocate for mental health. I struggle with Depression & I want to be able to help others to come forward to share their story as well & know that they are not alone on their journey. We are all in this fight together.

Other things that you may not know about me. I’m a huge animal lover especially horses, dogs & cats. I love doing horseback riding. I love to travel. I married my best friend & the love of my life. We adopted a cat named Buttons. I love doing photography in my spare time.

Hello everyone, I hope that everyone had a great easter last weekend. It’s been three weeks since I got back from my trip to Los Angeles with my husband and his family. This was my very first time getting to go to Disneyland. I was really excited that I was finally able to go there. Now I can understand why they call it the happiest place on earth. There’s so many different things that everyone can do. On the very first day that we landed in LA we drove straight from LAX airport to Anaheim. We dropped our stuff off at our hotel which was right across the street to Disneyland. We did just Disneyland that day. It was so cool to be able to walk through the park and see all of the different lands that they had there. I think a couple of my favourites were Fantasyland, Adventureland, Frontierland and Tomorrowland. We got to see the fireworks that first night which was absolutely incredible. The second day we were there we had park hopper tickets so that meant we started out in Disney California Adventure Park. They had some pretty cool different lands there as well. I think the one that I liked over on that side of the park was Avenger Campus, Pixar Pier,Cars land and Pacific Wharf. In California Adventure they had more of the roller costers rides that I am not a huge fan of because they scare me and give me some anxiety just watching them going so high up and going around. Getting to meet some of the different princesses was neat. I got to meet Elsa, Snow White, Cinderella and Jasmine. I was also very excited that I got to meet Micky and Minnie Mouse. There was other characters walking around but I didn’t get to stop and get any pictures with them. Here’s some of the pictures from my experience at Disneyland. I am looking forward to getting to go back again sometime in the future.

Matthew and I also did the Warner Brothers Studio Tour one day as well. We both enjoyed getting to see where they have filmed so many different tv shows and movies as well on the studio lot. I really did enjoy getting to learn more about how they make the different movies and tv shows all in this one place. I also was happy to hear that they try to reuse as much as they can. We got to see where they have the FRIENDS set arena where they have all kinds of pictures, videos and different set ups like the apartment and the coffee shop. They also had a spot all setup with things from The Big Bang Theory as well. I liked getting to see some of the different setups there as well like Penny’s apartment, Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment and also the cafeteria where they would eat during them being at work. They also had a separate spot for all of the DC super heroes. We both really enjoyed getting to see all of the different costumes that they had on display. Getting to see the batmobile I’m not gonna lie was pretty awesome. I think though what was probably both of our favourite thing from going to Warner Brothers was getting to see all of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. They had a little bit of everything from all of the different movies and some of the different areas set up. One spot was where you could learn how to use a wand. I had a little too much fun with that. They had a potions classroom all setup. They even had the sorting hat set up. Both Matthew and I were happy that we both got Gryffindor. They also had different spots where you could get your picture taken as well. Overall we had a great experience at Warner Brother studio. Then later that night we met up with Matthew’s cousin and her husband, we all managed to get tickets for a Lakers game. I never thought that would be possible but it happened. The LA Lakers we’re playing The Orlando Magic. Wow it was such an incredible experience and it was also exciting. The Lakers even won the game too. Anyways here some pictures from that day below.


We also got to go Universal Studios with his cousin and her husband as well. We were all very excited to see The Harry Potter world because we are big fans. They had so many cool things there like the Hogwarts Express, The wand shop, Honeydukes, Hagrid’s Hut and so much more. There was two different rides that you could go on as well. We even got to try the butter beer. We spent a good amount of time in the Harry Potter area for most of the morning. Then we went to some of the other spots that they had like the Jurassic World. They had a few different people that were with dinosaurs. They even had an area where you could meet some of the Transformers. Both Matthew and I love The Transformers The Ride 3D it was so awesome. Overall that day at Universal Studios was an other jam pack day. Here’s some of the pictures from that day


So after a few long jam packed days for the last four days we went to Palm Springs with Matthew’s parents to just relax and sock up some sun. We stayed at a house that had a pool, a golf area, places to just relax and other great spots in the backyard. We played a few games at night. I got to do a little bit of reading and mostly resting which is what I needed. Then the day before we flew home we went out to this place called Joshua Tree National Park. This is the only place where these trees grow and I have never seen anything like them before. The trees are very interesting to say the least. The park had an amazing lookout at the very top. It was so worth it to see the view but it was absolutely freezing. They had a few different spots where you could get out of your vehicle to take pictures of the different areas. Anyways our trip to California was great. Enjoyed the company and all of the great things that we got to do. Here’s the last bit of pictures from the end of our trip.

Well that’s all for now. I hope that you enjoyed reading this long blog post. I hope that everyone has a great week!


Hello Everyone, I thought that I would come on to my blog and write a post today. Today is World Hearing Day. I know for myself that being able to hear is a privilege and I don’t try to take that for granted. I have a moderate to severe hearing loss in both of my ears. I have had my hearing loss since I was born, but I am truly grateful that I am able to wear my two hearing aids everyday so that I can hear properly. I know that if I didn’t have my hearing aids in I have a very hard time to be able to hear everything. I can hear loud noises and normal noise pretty good without them in. It’s mainly the quieter noises that I have a much harder time hearing without having my hearing aids in. I know that there’s some people out there that think they won’t ever get a hearing loss, but here’s the thing it can happen over time by if you have your music, tv and etc volume up way too loud all the time, then that’s when you will start having potential hearing loss. For most people you can usually notice a big change as you get older. I know that for seniors this can be a huge adjustment that is very difficult to get used to. It’s so important to remember to take good care of your hearing because once you start losing your hearing you won’t get it back. If you are finding that you’re starting to maybe have issues with your hearing, please don’t wait and think you can put it off. No make sure you start looking around your area for a local hearing centre and book an Appointment with an audiologist. They will be more than happy to help you answer any questions or concerns that you might have. I am always so surprised whenever I go into to get my hearing tested when it’s time for me to get new hearing aids. The technology is always changing and it just keeps getting better every time. Just please remember don’t take your hearing for granted, being able to hear is luxury not everyone is born to have their hearing.



Hello everyone, I hope that everyone had a great weekend. Today I thought about writing a post for my blog. This past weekend was the 2023 Special Olympics BC Winter Games in Kamloops BC. This was the first provincial games in person that has happened in four years. This is the fifth time that Kamloops has hosted the games and it so happens that they are also Canada’s tournament capital. There was approximately 500 athletes that were competing in eight winter sports 5-pin bowling Alpine Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Curling, Figure Skating, Floor Hockey, Snowshoeing & Speed Skating. Along with all the athletes there was also approximately 150 coaches and mission staff that also took part. I know that all of the athletes really appreciated the volunteers that took part in the games this past weekend. There was approximately 800 volunteers that made the games possible with all of their hard work and dedication. The opening ceremony was on Thursday night February 2 at the Tournament Capital Centre. Then the competition was on both Friday & Saturday. The athletes were extra excited that they were finally able to compete against other athletes across B.C. after four long years since the last provincial games were held. Then the closing ceremony was on Saturday night. I know that for a lot of those athletes they really enjoy being able to dance and is often  one of the athletes favourite activities during the games. As a former Special Olympics athlete myself I know that it wouldn’t be possible without all the dedicated volunteers that take time out of their own busy schedules to make the games happen for all of us. We appreciate all the countless hours that you do in order to make this possible for us, so thank you. Another thing that we do appreciate is all the volunteers who come out to all of the sports through out the year. Without all of you there wouldn’t be any programs for us to take part in. For anybody who is unfamiliar with Special Olympics. Special Olympics host sport programs and competitions year round for individuals with intellectual disabilities around the world.To anyone who hasn’t attended Special Olympics I encourage you to go check out your own local Special Olympics sports programs and cheer on the athletes.They really do love having people come out and watch them compete. I promise you that you won’t regret it. If you are unable to come out to volunteer you can also make a donation to your own local Special Olympics programs as well. We also have other special events through out the year to help fundraise to Provide opportunities for the athletes to travel , have uniforms , and attend competitions and practices in their local. please visit for more information.


Hello everyone, today marks another Bell Let’s Talk Day here in Canada. I always feel that it’s very important for me to take part by writing a blog post. Every year I have talked about why this day is so important to me and many others who struggle with their mental health. Today I thought I would write about the things that have helped me the most along the way. As a lot of you know I have depression. I have had depression since I was eighteen my senior year of high school in 2010. It’s always a real struggle for me, but I have learned to keep trying many different things to help me a long the way. I am on medication for my depression but I don’t just rely on my medication to help me get through it. I have had a few different counsellors a long the way to help me cope and navigate my depression. It has been very helpful for me to be able to talk about my feelings and know that my feelings are valued. That was one of the hardest things for me in the beginning of all of this. I have had great counsellors a long the way. I started seeing a counsellor when I was ten or eleven to help me find ways to navigate being a person with an intellectual disability and also help me with my frustrations. As I gotten older that’s when the depression started to get worse but I was lucky to have a great counsellor to help me try and manage it. Once I hit the age of twenty I had felt like I didn’t need the help anymore. Then once I was twenty-four that’s when I started going to see a different person again. I was really struggling with my depression again because we had lost a few family members which was very difficult for me and I was really struggling through that time of my life. Again I started going back to a counsellor to get me back on track. I had stayed with them for a bit till I had felt like I was doing okay. Two years ago now I have started to see another counsellor that I have been seeing off and on when I really need it. I am really happy that I can go in, do it over the phone or even on a video call. I used to think that it was embarrassing to have a counsellor but now I have realized that it’s okay to have a counsellor. They are there for you whenever you need them and that’s their job is to help you. I have also found for myself that if I journal everyday the things that I am grateful for has really helped me I also make sure that I think of three different words like for example like I am thoughtful, I am creative and I am motivated. I call it my Gratitude Journal. I found this from reading many different self help books and listening to a few different motivational podcasts. I have made it more of my own but I have found that it really helps me. Everyone says that exercising can really help as well with your mental health. This is something for me that I am not a huge an of but I do know that I do feel much better after a good workout. This is something for me that I really have to push myself to do. Sometimes I would rather go outside just for a walk instead. Another thing that I have found that has really helped me with my mental health is going to my riding stable Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Association. I get to go once a week for my own horseback riding lesson and I also volunteer there as well. There’s nothing better than going somewhere that makes you happy. I highly recommend finding somewhere to Volunteer or spend time at a place that makes you at your happiest. We all deserve to be happy. I know that it can be really difficult at times when you’re feeling down and have that dark cloud over your head. What I want to say is that things will get better, just remember that you are important, you are loved and you are worthy. If you know someone who is really struggling all you need to do is reach out and let them know that you are there for them. We are all in this together. If you know someone who is really struggling please feel free to share this with them. For me all I want is to be able to help others that are also struggling with their mental health by sharing my own story with depression. I just want to take a moment to thank you for reading my blog post. It really means the world to me. I hope that everyone has a great day!


Hello everyone, I know that I am a little bit late posting this. First off I hope that everyone had a great holiday. I hope that everyone has had a good start into this new year. I am feeling pretty good so far with this new year. I started off by going through all of my things to see what stuff that I could donate and things that were garbage. It feels really good to do that because I was kind of feeling overwhelmed with everything in our little condo. I’m sure there’s a lot of you that have felt that way as well. Here it is starting the third week already in January. WOW! Where has the time gone, I am really looking forward to what this year will bring. Matthew and I have a few trips that we are looking forward to this year. My younger brother is getting married this year which I am so happy for him and my sister in law. I am hoping to get back into doing more on my blog this year. I am still working on this very special project that is very close to my heart which I am not quite ready to share with everyone just yet. Anyways that’s all for me for this little update. I hope that everyone has a great week.