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Today i want to write about one of my heros and who also happens to be the love of my life. My fiance Matthew. We are high school sweethearts. We met back in grade eight. Like me he also has a disability. He has epilepsy, Matthew hasn’t had a seizure for a long time now. When he was young he had a surgery to help control his seizures and thanks to the doctors matthew is seizure free. Anyways back to meeting him in high school. We became great friends for a while. It took awhile for me to realize that it could be more than just friends. Plus we had our friends bug us because they saw it first before he or i did. Today i can’t even imagine my life without him. Like every couple we have had our ups and downs but that hasn’t stopped us it just has made us stronger together but also apart. I have to say that Matthew has inspired me to become a better person everyday because of all of the different things that he has accomplished with Special Olympics whether matthew is competing with his Basketball team or Speed Skating or even doing public speaking to promote special olympics. One of his most recent Speeches he did was last year in Vancouver. He did a ted talk for Tedx Vancouver and i was able to be there to watch him speak to a huge crowd. I was so proud of him i almost started crying over on the side of the stage, I couldn’t stop smiling but i have to say i was so surprised because he got a standing ovation in the middle of his speech. I think it caught Matthew off guard when everyone starting to stand up in the middle of his speech because he started to cry and that’s when i started to get emotionally for him too. Looking back i still remember getting the chills and butterflies in my stomach because i was so happy and so incredibly proud of him. Once he was finished his speech and everyone got up again to give him another standing ovation all i was thinking was i just want to give him a big hug and i kiss and tell him how proud of him i was. Once Matthew started walking off the stage i ran over to him as fast as i could to see him as he walked to the stairs. Now looking back it’s hard to believe it’s been a year since Matthew did his ted talk. I’m so lucky that i managed to find the love of my life at a young age and i can’t even imagine my life without him. I still keep thinking to myself everyday how did i manage to find someone like him. Matthew inspires me everyday to keep following my dreams and to keep working hard but also to keep trying to become a better person everyday. I’m very excited to marry him in 2018. I believe that there’s someone out there for everyone sometimes you find that person right away or sometimes it takes time. For Matthew and i we found each other. Just because we both have different disabilities doesn’t mean that we don’t desire to be happy. like i said earlier everyone desires to find their true love and true happiness.  Here’s a link to Matthew’s Ted talk

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