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R-Word & what it means to me.

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Today is a very important day to me and others who have a disability whether it is physical or invisible. A lot of people still use the R-word which is Retarded and don’t know how hurtful it is for people like me who have a disability. Even though I may look normal on the outside to others around me I wear hearing aids and I have an invisible disability called kabuki syndrome. I am very lucky that I was born with the lower end of kabuki syndrome. Not everyone who is born with kabuki syndrome, down syndrome, autism and etc are able to speak up for themselves about the R-Word. So for me I’m taking a stand to explain why not to use that word and use Respect as the R-word instead. Every time I hear someone use that word around me or around others with special needs it hurts because it’s very offensive, hurtful and it’s like you don’t want to get to know me or others who have a disability. One of my favorite sayings is Don’t Judge It’s Book By It’s Cover. Which is very true. So the next time when you use the word Retarded I want you to think of me and many others who have a disability. We are just like everyone else we want to be loved, respected and included. I challenge everyone if you hear someone use the    R-Word to tell them how hurtful it is to people who have special needs. I hope that I have made you realize how important it is to me and others like me to not use the word Retarded in your vocabulary. I want you all to next time you see someone with a disability go up to to them and say hi. Trust me you will put a smile on their face and make there day. 

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