Crystal Williams

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So today was our first full day here in Prague. We did the hop on hop off bus tour. Saw lots of Prague. We went into one of the churches for a mass it was very nice made us all think of Amanda.  We went to the Charles bridge it was so beautiful to see all the different statues and also such a beautiful view of the water. We also went to the old town square. Mostly we walked around today looked around some of the shops stopped for a bite to eat at a few places which I can’t remember the names of the places but they were really good. One of my favorite things we did today was going into the coolest toy stores that I have ever seen it definitely beats toysrus out of the ball park. It has three different floors and all three of the floors has all different kinds of toys that you could even imagine. It has a slide that you could go down, a carousel that you could ride on, go cart track for the mini cars and etc. It’s so hard to believe that we still only have one more full day here tomorrow then off to Austria. Well that’s all for today much more to come. 


One thought on “Full first day in Prague.

  1. Ashleigh king says:

    Nice toy store and carousel


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