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Bye Prague, Hello Salzburg 

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Today we said good bye to Prague as we headed for the train station. We took the train from Prague to Linz which was four hours then we took an other train from Linz to Salzburg with was about an hour. Once we got to Salzburg we got off the train and walked to our hotel which wasn’t very far away. We stopped and had a little bit of a rest break in our hotel room which was really nice. Then we headed out to explore Salzburg for a bit walked down by the river which was so beautiful getting to see the mountains covered with snow. Walked to to the old town of Salzburg. We stopped for dinner at one of the restaurants which was close by. After dinner we walked around to look at some of the stores. Now we are back at our hotel for the night, tomorrow is a big day. The Sound of Music tour which I’m very excited about!!  Well that’s all for today more to come.


 First time at the train station 

 On the train 

 The view from the train 

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