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Salzburg Day 1

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Today was such an awesome day. We started off by doing The Sound of Music Tour, which was amazing. We got to go to many of the different spots where they shot the movie. We got onto the bus just a short walk away from where the Mirabell Gardens was which is where they shot scenes for Do-Re-Mi. Didn’t get to see the garden till the very end of the tour but i will explain more later. Our next stop was the Leopoldskron Palace where they shot the boat scene and one scene with captain Von Trapp. Then we went to the Helbrunn Palace to see where they had the Gazebo they had to move it from Leopoldskron Palace because people live there and tourists would climb over onto their property to go to the gazebo which they weren’t to happy about. We got to drive by the Nonnberg Abbey unfortunately we weren’t aloud to go visit it but we did get to drive past it go to the Gothic Church to see where the *real* Maria and Captain Got married. The next place we went to was a little ways out of Salzburg which was so worth it. It was the Salzburg Lake District where they shot some of the beginning of the movie. The next place we went to was the Mondsee village where the wedding scene was shot at the Mondsee Cathedral it was so beautiful. We also had a little bit of free time to walk around to see the different shops and get some suvaners. Then once we got back on the bus we headed back into Salzburg to end the tour at the Mirabell Gardens where they shot scenes for the song Do-Re-Mi. It was so beautiful with the fountain, the trail where they were on bikes and also the staircase where they ended the song. The whole tour was definitely my highlight for today for sure. We also did the hop on hop off bus for pretty well the rest of the day to ser more of the town then we ended up in old town walking around to some of the other places that we missed to see the shops. We stopped to have dinner then headed back out for little bit longer out around old town to look around some more. Now we are back at our hotel ready for bed can barely stay awake after a long day but it was definitely so worth it. Well that’s all for today more to come. 


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