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Final day of Salzburg

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Today we didn’t do as much today. First off we went to the bus station to get our bus tickets for Graz. After the bus station we catched the hop on hop off bus to head back into old town found a church walked around it for a few minutes lit a candle for Amanda and also prayed. Then we walked through a cemetery. Then we made our way up to the fortress. We spent a good two hours up there. It had a beautiful view of all of Salzburg. Learned a bit of history about the fortress. After the fortress we headed back into old town walked around some more, then went into a beer hall and had a drink. It was quite when we walked in but then it started to get busy when we decided to leave. Then we went back to the hotel to rest for a little bit before we headed back out for dinner. Then we went out for dinner back over to old town. After dinner we walked around to see some of the stores before we headed back to our hotel. Now we are back at our hotel calling it a night because tomorrow we are leaving Salzburg for Graz. Well that’s all for today more to come soon!



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