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Let the Games Begin!

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So today was our first full day in Graz. Went to the ice rink to go watch Matthew skate and cheer on the rest of the Speed Skating team on.  After everyone on team Canada had finished skating we got to go see them. Matthew seemed pretty happy with how he did today which is a great thing. After we said goodbye to the team we headed out to get a bite to eat and then went back to our hotel to rest up before we had to head back out for opening ceremonies. We had to take a bus from Graz to Schladming witch was a two hour bus ride. Once we made it to Schladming then we walked around for a bit and got to see lots of athletes walking around. There was music going on and people dancing which was pretty cool. We grab a bite to eat for dinner then headed over to where opening ceremonies. It was very good getting to see all of the different countries walking in, the music & etc. unfortunately we weren’t able to stay for the whole thing because we had to leave to catch a bus because there wasn’t many more buses available because they were all full. So now as I’m writing this were on the bus heading back into Graz. Well that’s all for today more still to come.


At the rink cheering on team Canada!

Opening ceremonies 

At opening ceremonies trying to keep warm & so worth it!

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