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Full day of sports 

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Today was a late start after getting back so late from the opening ceremonies. Anyways we found a place to eat for brunch then we headed over to the main area where some of the sports were being held. Matthew wasn’t skating today. So we got to see the team Canada floor hockey team play two games today. They played Mexico in the first game and won 3-0. They also played the ukraine and tied that game 6-6. We watched a game of floor ball that was pretty intense and interesting. We also watch team Austria play stick shooting that looked like a lot of fun and it was very interesting I thought anyways. We didn’t get  up to much else today. Other then that just walked around looked around to see some of the other events going on around for the world games. Then we started heading back to our hotel looked around at the shops but most of them were closed. Anyways that’s all for today more. Tomorrow going to watch Matthew skating not sure what else we are doing tomorrow.


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