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Today was a great day. We went over watch the speed skating in the morning. Got to cheer on the whole team Canada speed skating which was awesome. Everyone did well today. I was so proud to be able to watch Matthew skate his 1000 final. He did an incredible job today. He beat his personal best and he also got silver today. So happy and excited for him. Then after all the speed skating was finished for the day we got to visit with the team for a little bit then we headed out back to the main building where all the floor hockey, floor ball etc was going on. Then we went to the main square to get ready for the medal ceremonies to watch every get their medals. When Matthew group was up as soon as i saw him I started crying because i was so incredibly proud & happy for him. We got to get pictures when him and spend some time with them for a little bit before they headed out because they had some down time. Then we walked around to look around at the shops for a bit then went back to the hotel for a little bit. Then we went back to the rink to try & catch the figure skating because some of the canadian figure skaters were skating but unfortunately we got there at the tail end when they were rapping up for the day so we left and decided to check out the floor ball before they were wrapping up for the day. We only stayed there for maybe 30 minutes and decided to head back to our hotel. So that’s all for today Matthew doesn’t skate tomorrow so I’m not sure which sports were going to watch tomorrow yet.


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