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Today we went to the rink to go cheer on the other team Canada speed skaters. They all did very well today. Two gold, one silver & a bronze medal for speed skating. Then after the speed skating we congratulated the Speed skaters. After that then we went back to the hotel for a few minutes to relax. Then we headed back out to do walking tour which was nice. We stopped at a church it was so beautiful. I lit a candle for Amanda and prayed. We saw some nice buildings and lots of places to eat. After the tour was over we went back to our hotel to get ready to go out for the team Canada family reception. It was very nice we went to the sky bar where the reception was being held. The view was spectacular you could see the whole city of Graz. Got to meet lots of the athletes, families, sponsors and Special Olympics officials. After the reception we headed back to our hotel. That’s all for today more tomorrow. 


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