Crystal M Williams

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So today was a very busy day for the Speed Skating team team they had eight athletes competing today for their finals. It was so awesome to be there cheering them all on. Matthew had his final race today which i was so very proud of him. Matthew did the 500 race today. He got forth in his race, got a personal best and he is also ranked number 4 in the world for Special Olympics. I am very proud and happy for him. He did a fantastic job today and I couldn’t be more proud of him. I’m very proud of all of team Canada for speed skating everyone did their best. We stayed to chat with everyone for a bit. Then we said goodbye to everyone on the team and headed on our way. We went back to the hotel to pickup our bags and headed out to the train station. We took the train from Graz to Vienna and that was about two an a half hours. Now we are here in Vienna for the last few days of our trip before we head back home on Sunday. Well that’s all for today more for tomorrow.