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First full day in Vienna 

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Today we all slept in late. We toom the hop on hop off bus around Vienna today. We spent three hours today at a palace. It was so beautiful. We did a tour inside the palace  it was incredible and beautiful. We also walked around the outside of the palace it had cafes a zoo shops and much more. We stopped for a bite to eat at one of the cafes. Then we walked around the palace for a little bit longer then we got back onto the hop on hop off bus again to tour around the city. Then once we got back near our hotel we walked around the square to look around at all of the different shops. We walked by a church and walked in it and lit two candles for Amanda. Then after we lefted the church we walked around the square some more did a little bit of shopping then we went out for dinner. After dinner we headed back to our hotel to relax we managed to catch a little bit of of the closing ceremonies for the Special Olympics World Winter Games. Well that’s all for today more tomorrow. It’s our last day here in Vienna tomorrow then we are back home to Vancouver on Sunday. 


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