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A long overdue update

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Hi everyone,

It’s been awhile since i’ve been able to sit down at my desk to write much. I thought that i would take the time to do an update. Well let’s just say a long overdue update. Don’t worry i haven’t given up on my blog. I just needed to take a step back for a little bit and really focus on myself, my family and my friends. Writing and blogging are still a huge part of me but lately i haven’t been able to write for the last 5-6 months because a lot has happened to me and my family. Losing two family members about three months apart has been one of the most difficult thing that i have ever gone through. It did help that i did have a bit of a distraction getting to go away to Austria watching my Fiance compete for the Special Olympics World Winter Games for Speed Skating in March. It was a great distraction then once i got back home i felt like i was on the mend to healing but that’s when one of my other family members wasn’t doing well. So it felt like the pain had never gone away and came back so quickly bringing me back all the emotions. So i feel like i took an other turn for the worse. I felt like all i wanted to do is give up on everything that was important to me because nothing really mattered. To me i didn’t really care about what was going on in the world or with anyone all that really mattered to me was my family and my friends because i couldn’t even imagine losing anyone else that had meant something to me and i couldn’t bare anymore of that pain. So lately i have been trying to read more and spending time with the people who matter the most to me. I recently just started writing again. I started a new project because the other one that i have been working on for the past three years hadn’t gotten me anywhere and every time i had tried to sit down to write i would sit at my desk and stare at my computer. All i could do was sit there with nothing but sad thoughts thinking about two women that i had lost and then i would just start to break down. So now i’m slowly getting back to where i need to be or at least the best that i can be. Even though it has been a tough six months there has also been some good things going on. My fiance and i have been started doing a lot more of our wedding plans. We are both looking forward to getting married September 2018. It seems like everything for our wedding is really starting to come together.

Anyways that’s all for now. I just wanted to do an update because it has been a while since i have posted anything. Hopefully everyone had a great summer and it’s hard to believe that it’s already September so that means summer is pretty much over and it’s almost fall. WOW!! where did the time go. Have a great day everyone!


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  1. Lori Avatar

    Glad to see your writing. It’s good therapy. Remember your angels are always with you. Congrats on the wedding.

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