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Let The Wedding Countdown Begin

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Hey Everyone

Today I have a very special blog post that i would love to share with all of you. So I hope you will enjoy this.

It’s still hard for me to believe that today is one year away till my fiance say *I Do* in front of all of our closest family and friends next year. I had always hoped that I would fall in love and marry the love of my life. Growing up I honestly thought that this would never happen to me because am I person with a disability and I never thought there was anyone out there for me. Once I started going to high school meeting other people who also have disabilities i got to become friends with some of them. I became great friends with Matthew (my now fiance) and i kept thinking to myself at first why is he talking to me no guys are ever interested in what i have to say or do. Once I started to get to know him a lot better i realized that i had nothing to worry about. My girlfriends were the first ones to see that there could be more between Matthew and I. At first I thought that they were all just joking and then i thought maybe they were right about both of us being great together as more than just friends. It took us a bit of time before we started to go out but i’m so glad that we did. Now i can’t even imagine my life without him. He’s my best friend, my rock and the love of my life. I’m definitely a believer that there’s someone out there for everyone. We have known each other for eleven years, We have been dating for eight years and now we have been engaged for a year now. I’m so grateful and very thankful that i have this amazing man in my life.

Matthew and I got our engagement pictures done this summer. Here’s some of our engagement pictures that we got done. Thanks to our amazing photographer Stefanie Fournier. We can’t wait for you to do our wedding pictures!


CM-Engagement-2017-352Photos by Stefanie Fournier Photography

CM-Engagement-2017-369Photos by Stefanie Fournier Photography

CM-Engagement-2017-384Photos by Stefanie Fournier Photography

CM-Engagement-2017-398Photos by Stefanie Fournier Photography

CM-Engagement-2017-405Photos by Stefanie Fournier Photography

CM-Engagement-2017-430Photos by Stefanie Fournier Photography

CM-Engagement-2017-450Photos by Stefanie Fournier Photography

CM-Engagement-2017-457Photos by Stefanie Fournier Photography


Well that’s all for now i hope you enjoyed my blog post!


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