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First Year Blogging

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Hi all,

I was going to do a blog post yesterday but I never got a chance to do one so I’m sitting down now tonight as i’m listening to music as I’m writing this blog post. So Yesterday marked one year since i’ve started blogging and what a crazy year it has been. When I first thought about blogging i really loved the idea but i wasn’t sure how this was going to go. I love writing and my dream has always been wanting to one day to become a published author. Growing up I fell in love reading the Anne Of Green Gables series not only because the author Lucy Maud Montgomery was a canadian but also i just loved the fact how she wrote her stories that could be relatable to people. So for me being able to write about my life and things that could happen to others. Another author that has inspired me and that i fell in love reading is Nicholas Sparks. I really love how he writes not only because he writes great love stories but he also writes to about life and sometimes you can relate to his stories. I’m still working hard on writing lots and i’ve been working on two projects that i’m hoping one day will become published. I really just want to be able to write things that others can relate to or to make people happy. I love the fact that when i can’t work on my other projects that are on the go i can always write a blog post. Also for me whether i’m doing a blog post or if i’m working on my other writing projects writing gives me my freedom to be myself but also it’s my therapy when i’m having a good or even a bad day. Being a person with a disability yes has it’s challenges but that doesn’t stop from doing what i really love and yes sometimes things might be harder for me then others or even if i’m having a rough day. It’s always nice for me to be able to sit at my desk and write. Now i know it must bug my fiance Matthew sometimes because i have so many notepads and paper almost all over the place but you just never know when something is going to inspire you. I’m very grateful and lucky that Matthew is very supportive of me on following me dream and he is always trying to see what i’m working on it’s funny when he sees me working on one of my projects that i like to call books that one day i hope to publish Matthew loves to try and see what i’m doing even when i’m not ready to share with anyone. Well i think i’m going to stop here for tonight i’m starting to go on and on plus it’s getting pretty late. Anyways well i hope you enjoy reading this. That’s all for tonight more to come.


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