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Toronto Trip

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Hi everyone

So this weekend my fiancĂ© Matthew & I were in Toronto for a couple of events for Special Olympics Canada. On Wednesday night my mom drove us to Vancouver where we stayed downtown Vancouver at the Coast hotel because we had an early flight for Thursday morning. So on Thursday morning we got up early and checked out of the hotel. We took the shuttle to the airport. Once we got to the airport we checked in and also our luggage too. We had to wait for a little bit for security to open. So we walked around the airport for a little bit, then once security opened up we went through and then we walked around to find where our gate is then once we found our gate we decided to go find somewhere for coffee and food because after all it was early our flight didn’t leave till 6:45. So we got coffee and some breakfast then headed back to our gate and just waited for our flight. Our flight to Toronto was good it was a little less then 4 hours. Once we got there we went to get our luggage which didn’t take to long. We had a car waiting for us and it only took us about 30 minuets to get to our hotel. We stayed at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. Once we got there we checked in and went to our room to rest up for a little bit then we went downstairs in the hotel to have a late lunch in the lobby library bar. It was really nice to just relax and enjoy each other’s company. Once we were done eating we had to go back up to our room to get ready for the Special Olympics Canada Awards night. The Awards were held at the Glenn Gould Studio CBC. It was so exciting to be able to see all of the winners. Matthew got to help hand out the awards to national partners for Special Olympics Canada. Then we got to see the other awards being handed out to the Special Olympics Canada 2017 Award winners. It was such a great night. Once the night was over we all went back to the hotel. Matthew and I stayed up for a bit because we weren’t that tired and it didn’t feel that late. Plus we didn’t want to go to bed to early and be up super early. Friday morning we got up early to get ready to do some stuff for the morning. We went to the Tim Hortons across the street had breakfast. Afterwards we walked to see where the CN Tower was and waited for it to open. Right next to where the CN Tower was we got to see Rogers Center where The Bluejays play. Got a few pictures there and also went into the Bluejays store spent some time there. The afterwards we walked over to the CN Tower got to take a tour and go up to the very top. The view of Toronto was beautiful we also went to the floor where it’s made of glass walked on the floor got some pictures there. After we went down to the gift shop. I got a few postcards and got some more pictures. Once we were done there the we walked over to see where The Hockey Hall Of Fame. It was pretty incredible to see all of the different players that are from the past and present. I think we must of spent a good hour and a half seeing everything. I know that Matthew really enjoyed it and I sure did too. Once we were done in The Hockey Hall Of Fame we both decided to head back to our hotel and rest in our room for a little while because later that night we had the Limitless Special Olympics Canada Gala that night. Matthew had to get ready before me because he had to do sound check for his speech and also do pictures. So I got to stay up in the room and take my time to get ready. Matthew came back up to the room for a little bit and helped me finish getting ready. Once I was finished and ready to go we went down to the the lobby of the hotel where the Gala was being held. It was great getting to see everyone all dressed up. We got to mingle with everyone. It was so nice to see and meet new Special Olympics athletes that I didn’t know. It was also very exciting that they had all different celebrities come to be with the different athletes. Matthew got to be paired up with Catriona Le May Doan. I was so happy & excited for him when he walked in to the room when his name was called that I started to cry. It was great seeing all the other Special Olympics Athletes walk in the room with a celebrity. They all got to walk onto the stage before going to their tables. The dinner was great and all the entertainment was fantastic. The best part i think for me was when Matthew got up on stage to do his speech i really tried to hold it together but i was so proud of him that started crying. Matthew got a standing ovation as he walked up on stage. After his speech i was really excited and incredible proud of him but I really didn’t expect that he would come get me and bring me up into the stage. As he brought me up on stage he whispers in my ear soak it in they are cheering for you as I started to get emotional again. I just couldn’t stop smiling at him without wiping the tears out of my eyes because i was so proud of him. I stayed up on stage with Matthew for a minute as they were asking him a couple of questions. Once we got off the stage together Matthew helped me back to my seat. Then then did the auction items which were some amazing prizes. After that then the dinner was done and it was onto the after party. There was so many people that came up to both Matthew and I both congratulating us on our engagement, well wishes for our upcoming wedding and congratulating Matthew on his speech. It was very nice that people came up to both of us shaking our hands. I felt very special but also very proud to be with Matthew. We got lots of pictures with all kinds of people. It was definitely a great night and i night that I will never forget. Once The Limitless Special Olympics Canada Gala was over we both were pretty tired and ready for bed. Now today Saturday we got up and had to pack up our stuff to come home. We had a car waiting for us to take us to the airport. Once we got there we checked in and went to security then went to find our gate. Once we figure out where our gate was we went to get brunch and then waited for our flight to Vancouver to come home. Our flight was over 4 hours and we both managed to get some sleep on the plane. Once we got we landed in Vancouver we were both happy to be back home. Matthew’s dad came to pick us up and drove us home. It was such a great trip here’s some of the pictures from this weekend. Well that’s all for now.


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