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Introducing Buttons! We are now a family of three

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Hi Everyone

My fiancĂ© Matthew & I have some really special news to share with all of you. We have been talking about adding a new member to our little family for the last little while. We have been wanting a little fur baby but we weren’t sure what would be a good fit for both of us. Matthew & I have both grown up with dogs in both of our families & we we’re thinking that we wanted to get a dog but then the trouble is that we live in a condo on the fourth floor & that would mean going outside everyday rain or shine, plus us both not being home all the time. We just thought that it wouldn’t be fair to the dog. So then we started thinking about getting a kitten. We wanted to make sure we adopted the right fit for both of us. We both had been looking at a few different adoption places & asked around to friends who have also adopted a cat. It took us a couple of months of looking online & on social media everyday. We took a break from doing our wedding planning so that we could really put our complete focus on finding our new fur baby. There was a couple of times that we thought we had found the perfect kitten but turns out it was a blessing because once we looked at the kittens that were 8 weeks old we didn’t get to see their personalities. We also wanted a kitten that would love to play but also sit on our lap. So both Matthew & I were almost ready to give up on our search because we weren’t hearing back from a couple of places, there wasn’t any kittens just older cats & also when we would find some that we liked they already had adoption pending on them. Then we found one that we really liked but wasn’t completely sure about. So we requested it & put our names on it first so we went & saw her. She was very shy & super sweet. Once they were able to get her out of the cage & handed her to me to hold it was love at first sight. At that moment I knew she was the one. Matthew & I adopted Buttons she is ten months old. We adopted her on March 14, 2018. Buttons story is that she lost her mom at a very young kitten so they had to bottle feed her & she also doesn’t like lots of noises. So it did take a lot of time & patience to get her to trust us both. Now Buttons has finally warmed up to us & feels at home. We couldn’t of asked for a better pet. Thanks to The Cat Therapy & Rescue Society where we adopted her. Adopting her was the best thing that we have done. Now we definitely feel like our little family is complete. Here’s some pictures of Buttons. Well that’s all for now hope you enjoy a few pictures of our new fur baby.


The Adoption Picture Of Buttons

Bringing Buttons home

Buttons & I

Buttons & Matthew

Buttons finally feeling at home

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