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~Wedding Planning Update~

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Hey Everyone

Happy Sunday. I hope that everyone has been enjoying summer. It’s so hard to even think that we are already almost in the middle of August. Where did the time go. Soon summer will be over & then we will be back into fall. Which i’m really looking forward to because my Fiance  & I are getting married at the end of September. We both couldn’t be happier.

Just looking at my blog site & it’s been a few months since i’ve posted anything. My fiance & I have been very busy with planning our wedding which is under 50 days away. It’s been over Two years since we got engaged & we thought that all the planning was going to be really easy although sometimes it has been a little bit stressful we are both very thankful for all the support & help we have gotten from all of our family & friends.  We have been trying to get as much of the planning done as we can before the big day comes so that we have less stress. Although we still have a few things left to do.

Both of us are now at the point where we are done with the planning & would like the day to come. We both just want to be married because that’s how much we love each other.  We are both looking forward to sharing our special day with all of our closest family & friends. Matthew & I are looking forward to being able to spend the rest of our life together as husband & wife.

Well that’s all for now for this blog post. More to come. I hope you enjoy this post!


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