Crystal Williams

Disability Advocate, Mental Health Advocate, Blogger, Kabuki Syndrome, Animal lover & Loves Travel

Well it’s Christmas Eve. It’s been quite a year for both Matthew & I.

First off we adopted Buttons our cat back in March. Adopting Buttons was probably one of the best decisions that we had made. She has brought us so much happiness & we are both very excited to celebrate her first Christmas with us as a family.

Then second of all we got married back in September. We were both very happy & excited to share our special day with all of our closest family & friends. It was definitely everything that we could have asked for & then some.

Third of all we went away on our honeymoon in October. We did a 15 day cruise to Hawaii which was definitely a much needed vacation for both of us.

We both look forward to spending lots of time with family tomorrow for Christmas. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Here’s a few pictures of our place decorated for Christmas.


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