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Mental Health Awareness

I always find the winter months to be tough for me with my depression. It’s hard when it’s dark, cold and wet outside for the winter. I have been struggling with depression for nine years now. When I first started feeling depressed I didn’t tell anyone about it because i was scared and worried that nobody understood how I was feeling. I also felt like i was not worthy. Plus I also felt like why am I even still here nobody seems to care about me. So i was always feeling empty inside and just keep my feelings locked up but deep down i was hurting myself in the long run.

Now I’m really happy that here in Canada we have the Bell Let’s Talk day to help share the stigma with mental health. I have learned to surround myself with people who love me and support me. I’ve also learned that taking one day at a time and trying to think positive thoughts also helps. Over the past year my husband and I adopted a cat from a rescue shelter. Buttons has completely changed our lives not only has she been helping me overcome with my depression but Buttons has also help us both when we are having a bad stressful day and also to keep us company.

For those of you that also suffer from metal health. Know that you are not alone out there. The hardest thing is opening up and talking about it. It’s okay to not be okay, but do know that you are worthy, you are deserve to be happy. Things will get better!


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