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Alaska Cruise

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Hello Everyone, Happy Friday. So it’s been a couple of weeks since my husband and I went away on our Alaska cruise. It was really nice to have a relaxing get away together. We had been planning this trip since after Christmas. We first thought about doing this trip when we saw the brochure for it while we were away on our honeymoon back in October. First off we thought about tricking our family that we had booked another trip while on our honeymoon but then once we really thought about it we were both like yeah let’s book the trip and I’m so happy we did. We did a 7 day cruise to Alaska from Vancouver which was a round trip. It was aboustley beautiful it defiantly felt like we were at home while we were away with all the nature. So we went to three different places in Alaska.

Our first stop was Juneau. In Juneau we took a bus tour to see one glacier and a water fall. The weather that day was rain although it wasn’t that bad. The glacier was defiantly beautiful. They had a couple of different trails that you could take and some of them were longer then others. Along the different trails they had all kinds of different information about the trails, glacier and water fall. They also had a welcome centre where you could go in watch a movie about the glacier, a gift shop, more information about the glacier and a beautiful look out spot to see the glacier.

Our second stop was in Skagway we did a zip lining excursion which was so much fun. We were both pretty excited about getting to do zip lining again. We both really enjoyed it because we got to do ten different zip lines some of them were short ones and they also had a few longer ones as well. Matthew and I really enjoyed it because we got to do tricks on the different zip lines oh and the scenery was so breath taking. On our way up to the zip line course we saw some seals in the water and a bald eagle in a field. We got to drive through the small little town as well. Also while we were in Skagway they had a local come on the cruise ship with some of his dogs that had puppies so we got to cuddle and interact with six week old sled dog puppies. Oh my goodness were they ever adorable and so well behaved.

Our next stop was the Glacier Bay National Park. We stayed on the boat that day and got to be very close to the glacier. You could see parts of the glacier falling off and it sounds like lighting. Matthew and I stayed on our balcony in our room for the glacier. We even ate outside that morning which was beautiful but a little cold and also so worth it.

Our last stop in Alaska was in Ketchikan. We both decided to do some shopping that day and just walk around the town that day. It was a beautiful small town it really reminded me of Fort Langley back home. With all the different local shops and architecture. There was lots of information everywhere about Ketchikan.

We both did a lot more reading on this trip which was great. I spent most of my time just relaxing and reading which was what I really wanted to do. We had lots of great food and drinks both of the speciality restaurants on the ship were great. Well that’s pretty much it about our trip. Here’s some of the photos that we got.


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