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Happy New Year! 2020

Hello everyone!

Good Afternoon Happy 2020! Sorry I’m a little late writing my New Years post. Better late than never right? Well my husband and I were away on vacation at the beginning of the month and we got back at the beginning of this week. Anyways I will post about our vacation in my next blog next week. This week I just wanted to jump on and do my New Years post. Wow it’s already the middle of January where has the time gone so far for this month. This year I’m planning on doing some bigger changes to my blog that I’m really excited about. For 2020 I’m planning on doing more blog posts each month not only about my life, travel, mental health and being a disability advocate. This year I’m going to be doing interviews posts from people that are making a difference in the world not only for individuals with disabilities but others as well who have a story to tell and that I think is important to share for others. I hope that you are excited to see where I’m going this with this for 2020. I feel that because I have a voice I want to be able to help others share theirs as well. So please stay tuned for theses changes that are coming for this year. I hope that you have had a great new years and are starting the year off to a good start. Well that’s all for now. Stay tuned for next week’s blog post about my vacation but until then. I hope that everyone has a wonderful rest of their day and a great weekend!!


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