Crystal M Williams

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Hello everyone! Happy Saturday.

It’s been way to long since I have been on my blog. There has been so many times that I wanted to give you all an update with what’s going on with me. Just the other day I looked at my blog and it’s been a few months since I have posted anything. I’ve been so busy trying to keep myself busy while this pandemic is going on. It’s been a crazy few months. Been working this whole time which has been good. Matthew and I thought we might be out of work for a bit but we are both very thankful that we still have our jobs. It was a hard three months for me not being able to go horseback riding and volunteering at my barn. Horseback riding and volunteering at my barn every week helps me with my depression. For me being able to be with the horses definitely helps my mental health. So for not being able to go to my happy place was definitely hard for me. I really struggled, I got very depressed and I had a hard time to get up to get exercise. The only place I could go was work and then come home. Once I got to my lowest point I knew that I needed to make some changes for myself. So I stared to workout again, reading lots of books and listening to a few different podcasts that I found very helpful. Once I started to feel better again I got a call from my barn saying that I was able to come back for horseback riding which made me very happy and excited. Honestly the first day I got t go back to Valley Therapuetic Equestrian I started crying when I got to the barn and saw the horse that I normally ride. The first day back was also the first official day the Valley Therapeutic was open again which was a very special day. They had asked me a week before if I would cut the ribbon for the grand reopening and of course I was honoured to do that for them. After all they have been my second home since I started horseback riding there. Being able to go back riding was the greatest feeling in the world for me.

Now getting back to what I said about reading lots of books. I started reading a few different self help books during this difficult time. I have learn some new ways to help me with managing my depression. One thing that I learned from reading the books was I started writing a journal everyday. I write down the things that I’m most grateful for and I also write down little reminders for myself because lets face it I wasn’t taking care of me. Then I also started listening to two different podcasts that have really helped me get motivated again. In case you are wondering which ones that I have found very helpful the first one is called Rise by Rachel Hollis and the second one is called Straight Up by Trent Shelton. They are both Motivational Speakers. I have read both of Rachel Hollis most popular books Girl Wash Your Face and Girl Stop Apologizing. I found both of her books very helpful. So in case you are like me was struggling and need a good self help book to read I highly recommend those books or if you not much into reading but you love listening to podcasts. I definitely highly recommend the two podcasts. They really have helped me in the last few months.

Now I have decided that for this year that I’m going to do only the things that make me happy, which is writing. I have started writing again. So that means that I will not be doing as many blog posts for the next little while. I’m really excited with my new project that I have started writing but I’m not quite ready yet to share with all of you yet. Once I’m ready to share more info I will definitely share it on my blog with all of you. So for now that’s all for me.

I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time. Have a great rest of your weekend!