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Your MindSet is Everything

Hello everyone,

I hope that you are all having a great weekend. Today I am having a great day and I am feeling very energetic. This morning I did my workout on my stationary bike and as I was doing my workout this morning I felt like I needed to write on my blog. Today I felt so energetic after my workout that I felt like I wanted to talk about mindset on my blog. I have only finally realized this for myself two years ago. I have started to workout more and I have found that it really helps my mental health as well as my wellbeing. As much as working out is not one of my favourite things to do, I have found that my mindset has changed for the better throughout the rest of my day. Not only has working out made a huge difference for myself but, I have also changed my diet to being a vegetarian. I would have never thought changing my diet would make a big difference but it sure has. I have more energy, I also feel better and I don’t feel so down. I am in a better mood even when I am really struggling with my mental health. I still struggle with depression even on my tough days still but now I am able to push myself and not feel like I want to go hide away from everyone. I have also found that if I write in my journal what I am grateful for it keeps me in check and reminds me that I am worthy. Every so often I still get that little voice inside my head telling me that I am not worthy or that I am not good enough which brings me down. I try very hard to ignore that little voice as much as possible. When you are in the right mindset it’s amazing how much better you feel and how much it effects your day. I have found for myself that I am in such a better place because of my mindset and my wellbeing. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing because if you are not in a good spot people will not want to be around you if you are always negative. Being able to find the things that not only make you the happiest but also remembering to take care of your own mindset and wellbeing is super important as well. Finding things that make you happy can also make a huge difference. For myself writing is one of the things that makes me the happiest. I love being able to share my story with all of you on my blog or even if I am writing for just my enjoyment.


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