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Hello everyone, I know it has been awhile since I have been on my blog. I am really excited to share something with everyone that I don’t usually talk about on my blog. This week I just got some new hearing aids. I have been wearing hearing aids since I was nine months old. I have a moderate severe hearing loss. Since I have been wearing hearing aids the technology has completely changed every time. I started out with wearing these big hearing aids that had ear molds where they would’ve have to take an impression of my ear so that the ear molds would fit just right for my ears. As I was growing up my ears were still growing too so that meant sometimes I would have to go back to my audiologist to get new impressions done for my ear molds because my ear molds would be too small and would leave sores in my ears. Once my ears stopped growing I didn’t have to worry about getting new ear molds. I wore those type of hearing aids till I was eighteen. Then once I became an adult then I got to wear hearing aids that weren’t as big and didn’t have the ear molds anymore. Instead I started wearing these smaller hearing aids that had a tiny little wire that is connected to a tiny little dome that I just push into my ears. The best part about those is it you can’t even see them because that’s how small they are. The sound quality has always gotten so much better each time I am due for new hearing aids. One thing that has always been a little bit challenging for me is when I am wear head phones while I am lisenting to music. I could never wear the big head phones on my hearing aids because they would hurt my ears and my hearing aids would make so much noise because the head phones would bother my hearing aids. Then on the other hand the smaller head phones would go right in my ears and I would have to turn the volume up a lot louder just so that I could hear. Over the last ten years or so the technology for hearing aids has been so much better because they have been able to make hearing aids have bluetooth so that the sound can go directly to your hearing aids. So what that means is that I don’t have to worry about not being able to hear my music or whatever else I need to hear. So now I don’t even need to wear head phones to listen to music, videos, podcasts, phone calls etc. This makes so happy because not only does my hearing aids help me everyday so that I can hear properly but it also lets me enjoy listening to music and everything else without having to damage my hearing. For everyone please remember that your hearing is really important because it’s something that you can’t get back once you lose it. Please don’t take you hearing for grated


Theses were the first type of hearing aids that
I started wearing at 9 months old till I was 18 years old.
These were the first pair of my smaller hearing aids
that I started wearing when I became an adult
These were that last pair of hearing aids that I have worn
These are my newest pair of hearing aids.
Here are all the different pair of hearing aids
that I have worn all together over the years.