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Introducing Rickie! We are now a family of four!

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Hello everyone! I hope that everyone is having a great start to their weekend. Today on my blog, I am writing about something really special. If you follow me on my Instagram and Facebook account, you would have seen that my husband Matthew and I brought a new family member home last week. For those of you who are just finding out now, I will tell you all about him. We brought home a brand new kitten home on Thursday September 2. A person that we know that works at the same company that we work for just had a litter of kittens in July. Matthew and I had been talking about maybe bringing another cat into our little family because our other cat Buttons was chewing on our stuff and we were not sure what to do for her. So we started to do some research to see if there’s anything that we could do to help her. There was a couple of things that really stuck out to us. The first thing was that because she is part siamese cat we found out that they can have separation anxiety. The second thing that we found out too was because she lost her mother at only two or three days old she didn’t have her mom around, instead she was bottle fed as a kitten. So we did a few things like getting her some different toys that would help her. That stuff really did help her but in all fairness I had really wanted to get another cat so that Buttons would have a friend to play with while we are both at work during the day. So when we found out that two of our other coworkers were getting a kitten from the litter we were both excited for them and found out that there was still some available. I wanted to see them so once I saw the picture of him I couldn’t help it but know that we had to have him. So Matthew and I had talked about it, he wasn’t to sure about the idea at first but then when he saw his picture Matthew was sold too. We had a few different names in mind for him, but we had two names that we weren’t sure which one that we were going to end up with. The first one was Rickie and the second name was Theodore. We ended up calling him Rickie. He is named after Matthew’s favourite professional golfer Rickie Fowler.

It has taken some time for Buttons to adjust to having her new little brother Rickie around but they have started to get along. It’s so nice to see Buttons coming out more instead of hiding when we have people come over to visit. They love to chase each other around our condo. They love to play with each other and also they love to sleep close by to each other as well. Buttons has put Rickie in his place a few times now, but he doesn’t seem to care. Rickie just wants to follow Buttons around and play. They are both so happy to see us when we come home from work. Rickie differently keeps us and Buttons on our toes for sure but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s a few pictures that we have of him. I hope you enjoy.


Rickie at eight weeks old.
First picture brining him home!

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