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Fall Update 2022

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Hello everyone, I thought that I would just take a moment today and do a quick update. I realize that I haven’t posted anything since coming home from Hawaii and that was way back in March of this year. That was six months ago already wow time has flown by. Anyways I just want to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I just haven’t had much time lately to come on here to do much because I have been working on a different project that has been taking most of my time and energy. I am hoping to finish it before the end of this year. I have been working on this new project it feels like forever but I know I will finish it very soon. Anyways once I am done this project, that I am working on. I will be announcing on my blog so that everyone will finally get to know what secret project that I have been working on for the last two years. Also I will share it on my Facebook and instagram accounts as well. Anyways I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I do really love and appreciate everyone who comes to my blog website it truly means a lot to me. I hope that everyone has a great day!


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