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World Hearing Day

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Hello Everyone, I thought that I would come on to my blog and write a post today. Today is World Hearing Day. I know for myself that being able to hear is a privilege and I don’t try to take that for granted. I have a moderate to severe hearing loss in both of my ears. I have had my hearing loss since I was born, but I am truly grateful that I am able to wear my two hearing aids everyday so that I can hear properly. I know that if I didn’t have my hearing aids in I have a very hard time to be able to hear everything. I can hear loud noises and normal noise pretty good without them in. It’s mainly the quieter noises that I have a much harder time hearing without having my hearing aids in. I know that there’s some people out there that think they won’t ever get a hearing loss, but here’s the thing it can happen over time by if you have your music, tv and etc volume up way too loud all the time, then that’s when you will start having potential hearing loss. For most people you can usually notice a big change as you get older. I know that for seniors this can be a huge adjustment that is very difficult to get used to. It’s so important to remember to take good care of your hearing because once you start losing your hearing you won’t get it back. If you are finding that you’re starting to maybe have issues with your hearing, please don’t wait and think you can put it off. No make sure you start looking around your area for a local hearing centre and book an Appointment with an audiologist. They will be more than happy to help you answer any questions or concerns that you might have. I am always so surprised whenever I go into to get my hearing tested when it’s time for me to get new hearing aids. The technology is always changing and it just keeps getting better every time. Just please remember don’t take your hearing for granted, being able to hear is luxury not everyone is born to have their hearing.



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