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Highlights from Las Vegas

Hello everyone, Happy Sunday. I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend. It’s been about a month since I have been here on my blog. Today on the blog is all about my trip to Las Vegas. It has been over a month since the trip and now I am finally going to do the blog post. It’s funny how sometimes you keep putting stuff off for awhile and then you almost forget about it. We were home for a couple of days after we got back from Berlin and then we were off again. This was the first time for me being able to go to Las Vegas. Anyways the story doesn’t start from there. The reason that I got to go to Las Vegas is that Carrie Underwood had a Las Vegas residency and I really wanted to see her perform. I had bought tickets for Matthew and I to see her preform live. Which I was very excited about. It was the beginning of June when I got an email from Carrie Underwood’s Fan Club to enter a chance to win a meet and greet with her before the show. So I had thought to myself I know this is probably going to be a long shot and I probably won’t win this. So I had entered myself for this opportunity and forgotten about it. Well it was the day that we were leaving to fly to Berlin for The Special Olympics World Games, that I so happened to check my email and I had noticed that I received a congratulations email from her fan club. At first I was completely blown away and couldn’t believe that I had won this amazing opportunity. So once we got back from Berlin we had three days to unpack and pack our bags for Las Vegas. We flew out on the Friday night and we were in Las Vegas for the Canada Day long weekend. I had knew that Las Vegas was huge by seeing pictures and videos from other people but man I didn’t realize it till I had gotten to see it for myself. I still couldn’t believe how big the hotels were in-person. For this trip I got to go with Matthew and My father in law. They had both been there before and were excited to show me around to all of the different hotels that they have been into which was neat to see. We stayed at Treasure Island while we were there. It was a nice hotel. The Saturday night was the meet and greet with Carrie Underwood before her show at The Resorts World Las Vegas. There was three other people that were with me who had won as well before the meet and greets. There were also other people who had paid for different packages to meet her as well. I had been so nervous all day because I didn’t want to be one of those crazy fans who cries right in front of her and I had no idea what I was going to say to her as well. I waited in line for my turn to meet her and when it came time for me to meet Carrie I was in complete awe of how beautiful she was. She was all glammed up to the nine with her hair and make up and even her clothes. She was very nice and easy to talk to once I had my chance to chat with her. It was such an incredible experience that I know I will never forget.

My meet and greet picture with Carrie Underwood

Then after the meet and greet it was show time. I couldn’t wait to see what she had in store. I have gotten to see her preform five times now and I am always blown away by her performances. She seem to always up her game every time.  I pretty much sang along to all of her songs while she preformed. I loved all of her costume changes that she had for her show. This show was definitely different because she was able to do more on stage then she would if she was out on tour. She had stage performers two dancers, two cyr wheelers and three aerialists as well as her band. Carrie sang all of her big hits and a couple of new songs that I have never gotten to hear her sing live before. Overall it was such a wonderful day. The next day we got to go as many different hotels. Sunday was the hottest day that we were there. So we managed to try to stay inside as mush as we could. I did do a little bit of gambling while we were in Vegas but the truth is, I’m not to big into doing it. Matthew and my father in law did way better than me when it came to gambling. It was fun to watch them both gamble because I know that they like to do it for fun. We also got to go to a show that night as well. We went to see The America’s Got Talent Las Vegas Live at The Luxor hotel. They had all different kinds of performances from past and present acts that have been either on America’s Got Talent or from other countries that have a talent shows. There was nine different acts for the show. We all really enjoyed the show. Then Monday we had a little bit of time to walk along the Las Vegas strip one last time before we had to catch our flight back home to Vancouver. Overall I really enjoyed my time in Las Vegas getting to see all the different hotels and other things along the strip was an experience. I would definitely go back there for sure but I think I would want to see more shows instead of gambling. Well that’s about it from this trip here’s some more of my pictures, I hope you enjoyed this blog post.


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