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Day 2 of Prague. 

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Today was our second full day here in Prague. We went to the train station to buy our tickets for tomorrow to head to Salzburg Austria. Then we got back onto the hop on hop off bus did the tour around the city again. We went the Prague castle which was incredible. Got to tour inside the castle which was unreal. We went into the church that was inside of the castle and i was completely speechless. It was so beautiful with all the stain glass windows, statues and etc. after we finished touring the castle we got back onto the hop on hop off bus we went down to the water and did a river cruise tour which was also very nice. Got lots of great pictures of a few of the different bridges and lots of the different buildings. Once we finished the river cruise tour we got back onto the hop on hop off bus for the last time for the day because they were finished for the day and dropped us off at their last stop which was a block from our hotel. For the rest of the day we ended our day in the old town square. We walked around all the different shops, stopped by one of the restaurants to have dinner. I was being adventurous and I tried some Czech Republic food which was fantastic, I also tried a new drink that the waiter recommended which was good as well. After dinner we walked around Old Town Square for bit longer then we decided to head back to our hotel. Once we got back to our hotel Bill wanted to go down stairs for a drink so I decided to go with him while Kathy stayed back up in the room. Now sitting here as I’m writing this it’s hard to believe that our time here in Prague is almost over then tomorrow we take the train to Salzburg which I’m really excited about can’t wait to do The Sound Of Music tour on Wednesday. Well that’s all for today. Austria here we come. 


 The church inside the castle 
 Me taking a selfie inside the beautiful church. 
 On the boat for the river cruise. 
 My dinner that i had tonight Czech Republic Sausage, with bread and Horseradish. 
 Old Town Square at night. 
  Old Town Square again. 

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    Nice church and nice other pictures

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