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So Long Farewell Salzburg, Hello Graz

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Today not to much to tell. We took the train from Salzburg to Graz which was about a four hour train ride. Once we made it to Graz we got to our hotel to check in and went to see our room. We stayed in the room for a little bit of a rest then we went out to go out to do some sightseeing as we went downtown to where the town center is so that we could get our credits for the World Games. We ran into lots of different athletes from all over the world. Which was pretty cool. Then we walked around to see all of the things that were going on near by for the games like music and etc. we walked around to see the different shops that were near by then we went out for dinner. Now we are back at our hotel for the night. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Watching Matthew skating and also the opening ceremonies. Well that’s all for today more still to come.



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