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Georgia, Atlanta Trip

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Good Evening everyone, happy Saturday! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! So I know I usually do a blog post on Fridays but I just didn’t really get the chance to do it yesterday. So I’m doing it tonight while I enjoy a nice hot cup of tea & enjoying a nice quiet Saturday night. So last week my husband Matthew & I were away in Georgia for a few days. We got invited to go down awhile ago. We got invited to come visit the Special Olympics Georgia head office by the CEO of Special Olympics Georgia. Matthew knows the CEO of Special Olympics Georgia because they were on the International Bored of Special Olympics for eight years together. It so happens that last year they both stepped off the International bored at the same time. She had invited both Matthew & I to come visit her and her staff in Georgia for a special trip.

While we were there Matthew & I got to go to their head office and attended one of their meetings. Matthew spoke to all the staff about his life involved in Special Olympics, The impact that it has made on his life, Talked about being a former Special Olympics Global Messenger & former Global Congress Chair, about his Ted Talk that he did & also talked about his life outside of Special Olympics. We got to take a tour around their office and also got to talk to all the staff members that were there. We also had some time to do some sightseeing while we were there. We went to The World Of Coca Cola. It was very interesting to learn about the history of Coca Cola. We got to try some different types of coke flavours while we were there as well. Then we got to go for a walk through the centennial olympic park which was very cool. Then after passing through the park we went on the Farris wheel that they had in the park & you got to see pretty much most of downtown Georgia it was absolutely gorgeous. Then we walk a little ways farther down the street to see where the football was and then we walked back. We had a great tour guide to take us around that day. To end that day we had some really good greek food that night.

The last day we were there we went to an honorary lunch-in that Special Olympics Georgia does every year. It was at this beautiful country club. Now that place was aboustley gorgeous with all of the decor, chandeliers & etc. They had one of the rooms all decorated for the lunch-in. Matthew got to speak to all the guests & the staff members of Special Olympics Georgia about his experiences with Special Olympics, his Ted Talk, being a former Global Messenger, being a Former Global Congress Chair & life outside of Special Olympics. Matthew did a wonderful job on his speech, I’m always so lucky & proud to be there watching him do his thing in-front of people. There was an Athlete from Georgia who also did a speech as well and she did a great job too! After the Lunch-in was over we got to go for a bit of a drive around to see some more of Georgia. Then later we went back to our hotel to relax for a little bit and then get ready for dinner that night. Both Matthew & I were excited to both try some REAL southern food. We got to try some fried okra. There was a lot of people that had some mixed feelings about it. Some people told us it was absolutely amazing and then other people told us that they didn’t like it and not to try it. We both liked it the best way I can describe it was it basic tasted like asparagus. We also tried Frito pie, fried green tomatoes, fried pickles & grits. Over all the food was all very good.

We both had a great time there everyone was so friendly to us and kind over all the experience was amazing. I had really enjoyed getting to go down there with Matthew and getting to meet everyone that worked at the Special Olympics Georgia Office. Even though it was a short trip I still really loved being there. Here’s some of the photos that we took while we were there. I want to give a shot out to the Special Olympics Georgia CEO for having both of us there. Thank you so much for hosting us we had a great time with you & your staff members.


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