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Hello Everyone, I hope that everyone is having a good week. Today is a very important day for lots of people that are struggling with mental health and I for one absolutely love supporting this incredible cause because it has a very big impact on my life. Today here in Canada is Bell Let’s Talk Day for those of you who have never heard about it. It’s for anyone that suffers with mental health. As many of you know that I struggle with depression. I have been struggling with depression since 2010. So every year I look forward to being able to share my story with others in hopes that I am helping someone else who is struggling as well. I remember when I was first diagnosed with depression I had felt like I was a failure and I felt like I was all alone. I didn’t want to tell anyone about it because I had felt ashamed of myself. It’s already hard enough for me being a person with disability, now being a person who has mental health issues as well is bad enough to deal with. I learned that the more that i didn’t say anything to anyone the more I was hurting and I had felt more alone. So when I had finally broken down and let everything out that’s when I had realized that I couldn’t keep it all in and needed to let people in so they knew how to help me. I find they more that I am able to talk about it, the more it makes me feel better. I have met other people who have gone through the same thing that I have and being able to share our stories with each other makes a big difference. Now for myself I have wanted to be an advocate for others with mental health because we are all not alone and we are all worthy. In 2019 I made a huge change that helped with my mental health, I stopped eating meat. I can honestly say that I never thought that I would be that person and give it up but within a few weeks I had felt better. I didn’t fell so sad and I had felt like I had more energy. Now in the winter months I still struggle but not as bad as it used to be where I didn’t want to get out of bed or hide. Now I am able to push myself to get up to do things that I know will help me. Another thing that I have found very helpful is keeping a journal everyday by writing things down like what I am grateful for and things that are important to me. What I would really like is for anyone who is struggling to remember that you are not alone, reach out to someone that is important to you and tell them how you are doing, talk about your struggles with someone don’t keep it all bottled up and the last thing to remember that you are worth it. Before I close out my post for today I am going to put a few helpful quotes below for anyone who might need some inspections today. Anyways that’s all for today. I hope that everyone has a good day.


One thought on “Bell Let’s Talk Day 2021

  1. Perpetua says:

    We are not alone the minute we start talking about it. I, too, have mental illness and promote the annual Let’s Talk Day .