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Hello everyone, I thought that I would just take a moment today and do a quick update. I realize that I haven’t posted anything since coming home from Hawaii and that was way back in March of this year. That was six months ago already wow time has flown by. Anyways I just want to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I just haven’t had much time lately to come on here to do much because I have been working on a different project that has been taking most of my time and energy. I am hoping to finish it before the end of this year. I have been working on this new project it feels like forever but I know I will finish it very soon. Anyways once I am done this project, that I am working on. I will be announcing on my blog so that everyone will finally get to know what secret project that I have been working on for the last two years. Also I will share it on my Facebook and instagram accounts as well. Anyways I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I do really love and appreciate everyone who comes to my blog website it truly means a lot to me. I hope that everyone has a great day!


Hello everyone, it just occurred to me that I haven’t been very active on my blog since January. So I figured that it was about time that I post something. It has been almost three weeks since I got back from Hawaii. I went to Maui with my husband and his family. Matthew and I stay for a week, while his family stay for ten days. We all weren’t even sure if we were going to be able to go for a long time because of covid and all of the restrictions that they had put in place for traveling. It wasn’t till the week of our trip that we were all excited about going. It was a little bit strange to been in an airport for the first time in two years of not being able to travel outside of Canada. I was definitely more anxious and nervous then I have ever been travelling this time around because I knew it would be a way different experience with having to do a rapid antigen test and wait for our results. We were all kind of worried because of the what if factor. What if one person tests positive and everyone else test negative. Anyways you get the idea, we had to wait for thirty minutes for our results and everyone’s results were negative so we were all clear. To be honest that was truly the most stressful part in the airport and after that everything else was a piece of cake.

Now enough about that part, time for the actual fun part. HAWAII!!

When I go with Matthew’s family, they have been to Maui a few more times than I have and they love staying at the same place every time. So we stayed at a condo in Kihei. It’s nice because we could decide when we wanted to eat out or stay in. We did lots of swimming at a couple different beaches that we have been at before the last time I went with his family to Maui. Matthew and I went swimming a few different times at the pool. Went boogie boarding a few times I forgot how much fun that is. One day went snorkelling, although it wasn’t the greatest time because my mask kept fogging up on me and I didn’t make sure that my flippers fit me properly. Spent one day on the other side of the island in Lahaina did some shopping there and also walked around the little town. It was kind of sad this time walking around seeing so many of the stores that we have been to before, that either had to close down or downsize because the pandemic. Anyways no more sad talk. We got to see a few beautiful sunsets on the beach that was across from where we were staying. Played cards a few nights, did lots of reading and had lots of laughs. I have one other thing that was a huge highlight from the trip. I wanted to save this one for the last because well it’s the best one in my books. I finally got to see a sea turtle. I have always wanted to see one and I have never gotten to see one up close before. This sea turtle must of got caught in a huge wave and got pushed closer to the shore. It was a few feet away from everyone in the water who was around it and I couldn’t believe how big it was. it was absolutely incredible and I was in complete awe by this beautiful animal. This was on the very first day of our vacation.

Anyways that’s all I have for today about my trip. I will put some of my favourite photos from our trip below. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post today. I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Hello everyone. I hope that everyone is having a good week. Today is the annual Bell Let’s Talk Day here in Canada. For those of you that are not aware of what this day means. It’s for raising awareness for mental health and ending the stigma. I have been struggling with depression for over ten years. It hasn’t always been an easy road but I have found ways to help me cope with it. Taking medication, exercise, eating healthy foods, going outside for walks, horseback riding, using a special light, reading books and listening to podcasts that are motivating. I have a harder time in the fall and winter months with depression because of the darker days and wet weather. I have to try very hard during these months to make sure that I don’t go into my dark hole and have those negative thoughts. Another thing that I have found very helpful is writing a journal everyday by writing the things that I am grateful for.

This past fall of 2021 I was really not doing great even though I was doing everything that I could to try and make me feel better but wasn’t working so I started seeing a counselor again. That started to help a little bit but I was still struggling so my counselor suggested that I go see my doctor to see about either changes my medication or maybe upping my medication. After going to seeing my doctor things started getting a lot better for me. All I can say is that I am grateful that I have found ways to help me manage my depression. Even though i still go through my ups and downs I know that being able to share my story to help someone else that is struggling with their mental health. Knowing that your not alone and there’s so many other people that are going through the same thing makes it a little bit easier.

So I hope that you enjoyed reading this blog post today. If you know someone who is struggling please make sure you let them know that you are there for them. That’s all we ever want and knowing that we have people that we can count on. I just want to take a moment to thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my blog. I hope that you enjoy the rest of your day.



Hello everyone we are finally in a brand new year. I hope that everyone had some time off over the holidays to be able to see and spend time with your family. I really enjoyed having some time off to spend with my family because in 2020 we were not even aloud to see family or friends because of the pandemic. Well I know for sure that this past Christmas felt like Christmas and it goes to show you how we can take things For granted. When we don’t even know how lucky and privileged for the things that we have.

It’s hard to believe that we are already in the middle of the second week of January already. I have been a little busy this past week, so that’s why I haven’t posted much on my social media or on my blog. This week I have been enjoying being able to spend more time with my two cats Buttons and Rickie. I took Rickie to the Vet Clinic at the beginning of the week to get him neutered, so now I have been home with him making sure that he’s okay and that nothing goes sideways while Rickie is recovering.

This year is going to be a big year for me and my husband. We are both turning 30 this year. I have to say that I am really looking forward to being in my thirties. I look forward for new challenges that come my way and new life lessons that will continue to make me grow into the person that I am suppose to be. I’m still planning on doing as much writing as I can and to continue doing new projects that hopefully later on in the year I will be able to share more details about it. Anyways that’s all for now from me. I hope that everyone has a wonderful week!


Hello everyone happy Friday. It’s hard to believe that it’s already Christmas Eve today and Christmas Day tomorrow. Where did this year go. I just finished wrapping all of the Christmas presents while listening to Christmas music. One of my favourite things to do during the holiday season. I thought I would take some time today to do some reflecting back on this year for my annual blog post that I do every year. The beginning of this year was pretty quiet nothing super exciting mainly just been working and trying to stay safe by not getting covid. Got to see some family in person and then also did lots of video calls with other family and friends this year. Matthew and I got to go to Tofino BC with his family for a few days in July. It was a nice little getaway and a much needed vacation that we all needed. It was my first time ever getting to go to Tofino and it was absolutely beautiful. If you want to know more about that trip I did a blog post back in July once we got home, so feel free to go read that blog post. An other thing that happened in July was that my parents got a new puppy named Remy. She is a Black Labrador Retriever. She’s been a great new addition for my parents. I got to stay over at my parents house to look after our family dog Gracie while they went up to trail BC to get her. Gracie is also a Black Labrador Retriever as well. I’m sure lots of you follow my instagram posts so you would see lots of pictures of them. Then in August we got to go away with my side of the family to Canim Lake for a few days it was so nice to have my nana join us as well. There’s more about that trip as well on my blog as well from a post that I did way back in August if you want to know more. September was a pretty good month. We added a new family member to our little family. Rickie has been a great addition. Matthew and I have never had a kitten before so we are both still learning. Rickie and Buttons are getting along pretty well now, but I have to say that it was a big adjustment for her having to share us with another cat around. Also at the end of September, We celebrated our third wedding anniversary this year. Throughout this year I have been able to go horseback riding and volunteer again at my riding stable, which has been really good for me to be able to get back out there to volunteer all of the riders that I get to help with their lessons makes me so happy. One thing this year that has been hard for me is I was really struggling with my depression more then usual, but I have found some new solution to help me feel a little bit better. Anyways that’s pretty much all that has happened for me this year. I am looking forward to having sometime with my family over the next week. I hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday season. Well that’s all for me until the new year. Looking forward to see what next year will bring.

Our first Family holiday card!