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Hello everyone, happy Friday. It’s been awhile since I have done a post on my blog. I still can’t believe that it’s already December. Where did this year go. Today is a special day for me and many others who have a disability because it’s International Day of Persons with disabilities. I have been trying think of what I wanted to say for this blog post for most of the day. So I figured that I would just speak from my heart about how much things have changed for over the years being a person with a disability. It really amazes me how far things have come over the years. When I was growing up it was always hard for me to understand my disability because I didn’t know a lot of information about it and let alone I didn’t know anyone else who had the same disability as me. I only knew a few other people who had other disabilities and I always felt like we were outsiders or something. As I was growing up I started meeting more people who have other disabilities through School, Special Olympics and through my riding stable Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Association. People who have disabilities come in all different forms whether it’s physical or intellectual. I know that sometimes people who have an intellectual disability don’t always look like they have a disability on the outside and it can be confusing to some people, where it’s easier to understand someone who has a physical.

We have certainly have come a long way with all these amazing resources, programs and organizations over the years to help make sure that myself and many others who have disabilities feel safe, included, respected and belong into the community. I am so happy to see that there are so many people who want to learn more by helping out at all these incredible programs and organizations. It certainly makes a huge difference for all of us that have disabilities knowing that we have people who want to make sure that we don’t feel like we are isolated away from our own communities. I know that I have said this before in my blog and to my family, friends and other people that I have met over the years. As a person who has a disability we all want the same things as other people, we want to be loved, happy, healthy, feel included, respected, seen and heard. I am so grateful that I have been given so many great opportunities to be able share my story with others and to be able to help others. It sure has given me more confidence in myself to truly be myself and not feel like I have to hide who I am.

Anyways I know that I probably went on to long about this blog post today, but I do really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read my blog post. There’s nothing more that I like better being able to share my thoughts and feelings with others. Writing is not only very important to me but it’s also a huge passion of mine. I hope that you did enjoy reading this blog post today. I hope that you are having a great day.


Hello everyone, I hope that everyone is having a good day. Today I wanted to make sure that I took the time to write a post on my blog because it’s World Mental Health day. For myself I have been struggling with a mental illness for eleven years now. I have depression and sometimes it’s not always easy to deal with, but I have learned how to manage it. For the first couple of years I had a really hard time trying to manage my depression and finding the right ways to learn how to cope with it. I still struggle with it but now I know different ways to help me with it, even though the fall and winter months are the hardest times of the year for me. Over the past two years I have done a lot of learning and education for myself to find new ways to help me manage my depression. Now not everything that I have tried has helped me but I haven’t stopped trying different things. I have found that reading lots of different self help books, podcasts that are motivational, working out, eating healthy food and even journaling has really helped me. Also I have found that being able to share my story with others that are going through the same sort of situation has really helped me as well. It’s nice to know that I am not alone and that being able to share my experiences with depression can help someone else who is also struggling. I know that having a mental illness can be scary, but it really doesn’t have to be that way. I think for myself not only has it made me a stronger person, but it has also made me want to help others in anyway possible. So if you or you know someone in your life that has a mental illness reach out to them and see how they are doing. Sometimes the best thing that you can do is to let them know that you are thinking about them and let them know that you are there for them if they need you. Anyways I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and found this helpful for any of you that are struggling. I always remind myself that I am not alone and that I am worthy.


Hello everyone, today I thought that I would take a few minutes here for myself to write a quick post on my blog. This weekend here in Canada we are celebrating thanksgiving. I am really looking forward to spending sometime with my family this weekend and enjoying a great thanksgiving dinner with my family. I am grateful that I am able to spend time with my family and that everyone is healthy. I am also really looking forward to having an extra day off. It’s always so nice when the long weekends roll around that means an extra day to get stuff done or to just have an other relaxing day before getting back into the regular work week. I hope that everyone has a great thanksgiving weekend here in Canada or if you live somewhere else I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!


Thanksgiving Fall Background with Assortment of Pumpkins and Thankful Sign

Hello everyone, It’s hard to believe that summer has come to an end and we are already back into fall season already. Today on my blog I want to talk about how nice it has been to get back into a routine. Last year 2020 sure made it hard for everyone to have their daily routines but it is sure nice to be able to have some normal back again. I know that for myself that I have been very fortunate that I was able to have some what of a routine last year. For a couple of months it was hard not being able to go back to my favourite place and my happy place which is my riding stable Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Association. I really had a hard time not being able to be there while we were first going through covid. It was definitely sad because not only was it hard not being able to ride for a couple of months but it was also heart breaking for the other riders who were not able to be there for a year and a half. Most of those riders were the ones who needed the service and therapeutic horseback riding the most. I know that Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Association was struggling not being able to be at full capacity for a while but they were able to open back up to most of the independent riders with no volunteers after being forced to shut down for three months last year.

Now Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Association has been able to be back to full capacity for fall session and it sure feels so good to have everyone back. We now also have new people not only for horseback riding but even new volunteers. It sure has been so nice for me to see some of the riders come back that haven’t been there for a year and a half. Being able to volunteer again has been truly made my heart feel full again. I love being able to see smiles, hear laughs and connections again. Honestly there’s nothing quite like it. I still love being able to give back to this incredible organization that has done so much for me and I also love being able to see the young kids who need the therapeutic horseback riding the most improve, that’s what makes my heart so happy. I cannot say enough great things about this amazing place. I will always do whatever I can to help them out because if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am today. Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Association has made me become a strong, confident, compassionate, patient, loyal and independent human being. The horses are definitely a big part of the organization but they certainly can’t don’t it without the incredible staff and I can’t forget about all of the other amazing volunteers that come out to help.

Well that’s all I really wanted to share today for this post. I really hope that you enjoyed reading this post. It truly means a lot to me for you taking the time out of your day to come read my blog posts. I hope that you all have a great day and a wonderful weekend! Here’s a few pictures that I have taken at Valley Therapeutic Equestrian in the last month I hope you enjoy!


Hello everyone! I hope that everyone is having a great start to their weekend. Today on my blog, I am writing about something really special. If you follow me on my Instagram and Facebook account, you would have seen that my husband Matthew and I brought a new family member home last week. For those of you who are just finding out now, I will tell you all about him. We brought home a brand new kitten home on Thursday September 2. A person that we know that works at the same company that we work for just had a litter of kittens in July. Matthew and I had been talking about maybe bringing another cat into our little family because our other cat Buttons was chewing on our stuff and we were not sure what to do for her. So we started to do some research to see if there’s anything that we could do to help her. There was a couple of things that really stuck out to us. The first thing was that because she is part siamese cat we found out that they can have separation anxiety. The second thing that we found out too was because she lost her mother at only two or three days old she didn’t have her mom around, instead she was bottle fed as a kitten. So we did a few things like getting her some different toys that would help her. That stuff really did help her but in all fairness I had really wanted to get another cat so that Buttons would have a friend to play with while we are both at work during the day. So when we found out that two of our other coworkers were getting a kitten from the litter we were both excited for them and found out that there was still some available. I wanted to see them so once I saw the picture of him I couldn’t help it but know that we had to have him. So Matthew and I had talked about it, he wasn’t to sure about the idea at first but then when he saw his picture Matthew was sold too. We had a few different names in mind for him, but we had two names that we weren’t sure which one that we were going to end up with. The first one was Rickie and the second name was Theodore. We ended up calling him Rickie. He is named after Matthew’s favourite professional golfer Rickie Fowler.

It has taken some time for Buttons to adjust to having her new little brother Rickie around but they have started to get along. It’s so nice to see Buttons coming out more instead of hiding when we have people come over to visit. They love to chase each other around our condo. They love to play with each other and also they love to sleep close by to each other as well. Buttons has put Rickie in his place a few times now, but he doesn’t seem to care. Rickie just wants to follow Buttons around and play. They are both so happy to see us when we come home from work. Rickie differently keeps us and Buttons on our toes for sure but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s a few pictures that we have of him. I hope you enjoy.


Rickie at eight weeks old.
First picture brining him home!